Forget about New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got everything under control!

Put an end to all those good intentions you proclaim on New Year’s Day that fall by the wayside by January 15 (we assure you, no resolution has ever lasted longer).
This year, we’re going to take care of you for all 52 weeks of the year.

Because we know that being an online retailer means doing 12 jobs at once (you’re a developer, an accountant, a logistics coordinator, a designer, an editor, a salesperson, and more) and that it’s difficult to plan ahead and prioritize.
Because it’s our mission to help you make your online store a success.
And because, quite simply, we’re here to support you.

We’re delighted to present the 2015 e-Commerce Calendar, broken down week by week and adapted to the market and events in your country.

12 pages to help you succeed all year long

Each week of the year you will find a tip for boosting traffic or conversion rate, or an idea for enhancing user experience, increasing average cart value, gaining customer loyalty, and more.

To make life easier, we also suggest a selection of tools — to help you create promotions and spread the word far and wide, for example — that will save you time when managing your store…

Is a major sales event coming up (sales, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, etc.)? No problem! This year more than ever, you’ll have everything you need to plan ahead and understand how and when to start getting your store ready.

Each month, a PrestaShop merchant will also share with you a tip that has contributed to their success

… and if you’re not used to taking it easy, we’ll even tell you when it’s time to relax a little!

Customize your calendar

All of the tips are simply suggestions from experts on how to enhance your website, help you get organized, and show you your online store in a whole new light; they are not intended to discourage you.

The calendar also contains sections that need filling in. By you.
Your store is unique. You know your customers, products and website culture better than anyone else. Write in all the events relating to your store that you would like to organize, now.

Key figures


  • 0 cents to download
  • 1 circular calendar showing peak periods in the year at a glance
  • 8 countries included (France, Spain, the US, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Poland)
  • 12 customized pages with secrets revealed by merchants
  • 52 e-commerce tips (or even more depending on the country)
  • 327 audits of online stores (conducted recently during various events), which gave us the idea to make this calendar to support you

Next year we hope to offer calendars for even more countries.
Do you want to help?
Don’t hesitate to send us word of any major events in your region, or tips you’d like to share with other merchants in your country, using the email address

A thank you to for its help integrating the template and data.

Wishing you a fantastic 2015 and a successful e-commerce year!

Download calendar now

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