Selling digital products online, a Success

Dulzura de Papel is a PrestaShop store designed and developed by Jimena, a passionate graphic designer, photographer, and graphic studio owner from Buenos Aires. She found a niche market in selling customizable themed decorations for children parties such as birthdays, baby showers and baptisms.

Jimena’s dreams are big and she trusts PrestaShop to support her as she takes on new challenges like expanding her shop beyond Argentina’s boundaries through to the rest of the world. In this article, we share Jimena’s success story and her ecommerce advice for fellow merchants looking to sell downloadable products online.

An entrepreneurial mom

Through her daughter’s school, Jimena met fellow moms who inspired the idea behind Dulzura de Papel. “I wanted to create a beautiful, yet quick and easily customizable solution for moms who want a special party for their kids, but have no time to deal with decorations.” With Dulzura de Papel, customers can download customizable themed decorations for children parties.

“This is a slow change from my physical graphic studio to a web store that can run on its own”, shares Jimena, “and this migration will give me the flexibility to do what I love: spending time with my daughter.”

An Entrepreneurial Mom

The perfect software for her dream store

Finding the perfect software wasn’t easy. “I first tried to build the store in WordPress because I was familiar with it. I bought modules and tried to install them, but it was extremely difficult. Even the WordPress Phone Support in Argentina told me it would be hard to make it work the way I wanted.”

Determined, Jimena searched for another software with features that will allow her to run a digital online store. “PrestaShop had everything I was looking for and even more.” Jimena was impressed with native features that allow her to successfully sell her digital products. “The stock version already has very powerful functionalities, such as the IP Geo-localization and the multi-language option.”

The online marketing strategy

Having launched Dulzura de Papel, the next step was to drive traffic to her website using social media and other marketing strategies. Jimena advertises her brand and concept through her Facebook page (with over 26K fans) all at the low cost of zero. To drive traffic to the website, she shares links on social media that take customers to free products on her online store. She also promotes sales on major Argentinian shopping days including: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day.

The Online Marketing Strategy

A simple buying process

Digital products require no inventory or shipping logistics, but it is essential to have a clear and simple buying process. The checkout process should also be easy because little information is needed. Jimena shortened her checkout process, with PrestaShop Addons’ One Page Checkout.

Through this simplified checkout process, Dulzura de Papel’s customers make their payments, receive a link via email, then download a Zip file with High Quality PDFs.

Because many of Dulzura de Papel’s customers are sometimes unfamiliar with downloadable products, Jimena uses various methods to guide them:

1. Information Pages and Demo Product: “How to buy” and “How it works” tabs in the main menu take you to static pages that clearly explain every step of the buying process. Customers also have access to a sample PDF that demonstrates how fast and easy it is to edit the text on the designs once they make a purchase.

2. Pop-Up: A pop-up message is generated after each purchase, to reassure and remind customers that an email has been sent with the link to download the product.

3. Guide: A tutorial is attached to the email with editing and printing instruction as well as other tips and ideas.

A Simple Buying Process

The protection of her digital product’s copyright

The same way Jimena explains the checkout process for her customers, she clarifies the terms of use. She highlights that sharing, selling or publishing any design is an infringement of Dulzura de Papel’s Copyright.

“PrestaShop’s software includes a digital product configuration that generates download links valid only for 30 days after the purchase, limited to up to 3 downloads. This is great because it limits the risk of diffusion.” Additionally, Jimena password protects the products in case a customer tries to open it on any design software to modify the illustrations. “Because all the products include a trademark that reads ‘’, I don’t want anyone to modify the design. Of course, you can’t control absolutely everything that customers do, but these are great ways of enforcing copyright rules.”

The protection of her digital product’s copyright

The future of Dulzura de Papel

“Most of my customers come from Argentina, Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries,” claims Jimena, “For now my store is only available in Spanish. My plan is to translate my website into different languages, starting with English and Portuguese, so that people from anywhere in the world will be able to buy and download my designs. PrestaShop allows me to do just that.”

“My advice to all the merchants starting out is to take the step. PrestaShop is a safe, versatile and dynamic software with many benefits and options that can make almost anything come true.” Jimena’s dedication led her to create a beautiful and successful online store with PrestaShop — turning her dream into a reality.

Inspired to make your dreams come true? Get started with PrestaShop’s free and open source ecommerce software. Not ready to start selling just yet? Read more PrestaShop Success Stories.

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